Entropy website:


Entropy is an iPad puzzle game that was developed at the Entertainment Technology Center at Carnegie Mellon. The game originated as a student pitch and was subsequently developed as a semester long project. Entropy helps high school students learn thermodynamics concepts by using the gas laws at its core mechanics. The game is to be used as a tool for teachers in the classroom and aims to:

  • Drive student engagement
  • Draw out student misconceptions and
  • Spark discussion between students, and between students and the teacher

As the programmer on the team, some of my tasks were:

  • Building a physics heat system within Unity that is aware of quantities like temperature, volume and pressure and can realistically simulate the gas laws
  • Creating tools for our game designer to use. These tools help to easily build out levels using elements like containers, gears & crankshafts, pistons, etc. as the core building blocks of puzzles
  • Creating a custom mesh-based particle system that was optimized for mobile (fast & accurate collision checking)
  • Writing camera logic for zooming automatically to focus on puzzles, follow the player, etc.
  • Developing and testing on iOS, Android, PC and web

Team Entropy is:

Akshay Ramesh – Programmer

Kshitij Kumar – Artist

Cheryl-Jean Leo – Producer

Julian Toker – Game Designer