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Legato was a semester-long project at the Entertainment Technology Center, Carnegie Mellon University. As a team of 8 students, we worked with Electronic Arts’ Office of the Chief Creative Officer (OCCO) under the direction of Richard Hilleman and Tom Corbett. Together with team Thunder Egg in Redwood, California, we created a connected game experience called “Jelly Pirates in Space”.

Jelly Pirates is a co-operative 4-player experience where 3 players take on the role of Gunner and one plays as the Captain/Medic. Our goal was to create a game in which players cooperate and communicate to work together and defeat waves of enemies. 

My role on the team was mobile developer. I worked with our lead programmer Sudhanshu on the JavaScript code using Phaser JS as our library.  Some of our tasks included asset loading, animations, gestures, and optimization to ensure a responsive experience on mobile devices. 

Team roles: 

Sudhanshu Aggarwal – Lead Programmer

Chih-Wei Chen – Programmer

Akshay Ramesh – Programmer

Rahul Nagarkar – Programmer

Chong Hu – Artist (UI Designer)

Wanyan Zheng – Artist (3D)

Xin Ning – Game Designer/Co-Producer

Etaba Assigana – Game Designer/Co-Producer/Sound Designer